Moderator’s Corner 11/13/2022

Season of Pentecost 

“Giving thanks today for the compassionate people; the lovers, helpers, givers, and healers, who see more than just themselves, who move through the world with open hands and not closed fists. Thank you. Keep going. It matters.” – John Pavlovitz

From the PVCC newsletter archives, this week in 1977:  Josh Wilson, our friend from California, came to me [Bill Reece] after the [Thanksgiving] feast jubilantly saying, “I’ve been waiting all my life to see such a Sunday morning celebration in the church. Now I’ve seen it and it was magnificent.” And it was. More than 200 thankful people enjoying good food, conversation, prayers, [singing], the presence of so many guests… and most of all the stirring sense of the unqualified expression of thanksgiving for the gift of life on this and every day.

— Greg Yarnell, PVCC Moderator