Our Theology

We believe God’s love is big enough for all people and no one group “owns” God. We believe Jesus was a rebel in his time and died because of how he lived and what he taught. We believe Christ lives in each of us and calls us to follow his example of radical love. We believe the Bible is story and should be read as such and never be used to condemn. We believe in peace and justice for all.

We practice the principle of the Wedge Blade of History which is forged by those who stand between the “no longer” and the “not yet” laying down their lives for all people. We believe the wedge blade is the Christian’s response to the cross. It compels us to question injustice, live boldly in a diverse world and love deeply as we create the new society of peace and justice of which Jesus so often spoke and for which he lost his life.

We believe:

  • The past is forgiven
  • The present is accepted
  • The future is open