We will not hold Sunday services in the building for the rest of January 2022 due to the high COVID-19 statistics in Sedgwick County.  We will do the Sunday services live through Zoom and will also have it on Facebook. If you wish to join on Zoom, please contact the church office for instructions.

Adult Education is also on hold until further notice as well as choir practice.


Rev. Kara Courtney


Who we are: Pine Valley is an intimate gathering of diverse people. We are single, divorced, married with plants, coupled with children,  thirty something, old fogeys, giggly girls, filthy rich (not so much), poor as dirt, can’t carry a tune in a bucket, professional musicians, skeptics, seekers, doubters, conservatives, liberals, left-out, kicked out, un-churched,  de-churched, gay, straight, Protestant, Catholic, orthodox, heretics, workaholics, obsessive compulsive, just passing through and YOU!




Our invitation: We invite you to explore this website.  We’ve created it for YOU.  We have tried our best to describe who we are so there will be no huge surprises should you choose to be our guest for worship some Sunday.  We also know that “who we are” changes when you join us with your unique gifts.  Have fun and feel free to contact us with any questions.