Spirit Fest

You are invited for Coffee at Betty’s Diner Sunday, November 10.  Join with your PVCC community for coffee, fruit, assorted breads and flavorful jams at Betty’s Diner.  We will celebrate our gifts and talents as we learn about and sign-up for Spirit Teams. NOTE: Please bring your everyday tableware.

Adult Education

The class will finish discussion of the Sarah Smarsh book “Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth”.  Looking forward to new material and celebrating the holidays with church friends and family. Join the class as 9am Sundays.  ALL welcome!

Pride Parade 2019. . .

. . .was a HUGE success thanks to everyone at PVCC. We had walkers/strollers/riders and a few met us at the finish line! We passed out information cards along the parade route. Thanks to ALL who supported this year’s parade and for being true to our belief that “ALL means ALL”!


PVCC- Thank you so much for the school supplies, birthday bags, and underwear/socks for the students. We gave 60 book bags to students and helped teachers in need of school supplies. The students really enjoy the birthday bags received so far. THANK YOU for your generosity. ~ Stacy, Cooper Elementary, and Pondo Initiating.